Friday, December 24, 2010

Living Water

Have you ever experienced the tenderness of God flowing through you into another person’s life? Would you like to be part of this work that God is doing through my life? I want to invite you to participate in ministry with me. I have been serving at Grace Ministries International for four years now as a discipleship counselor who leads people into the joy of their salvation. As I live in the grace of God, and embrace my union with Him, He lives through me to reach those who need to know His love. God has called me to express His love in listening, compassion and conversation filled with truth. On a daily basis I see people come alive to an intimate relationship with Jesus. They discover the confidence that comes from knowing how He has transformed their spirits and given them a new heart.

Perhaps you would consider investing in this work of the Kingdom. Ministers at GMI are supported as missionaries so that we have the freedom to share the message of Christ with people regardless of their ability to pay. There are opportunities to give financially or to provide prayer support by being in contact through our newsletter. However, there may be other ways you are led to share the abilities and resources God has put in your hands.

My goal is not just to generate financial support or one time donations but to develop lasting relationships that will lead to more effective ministry. If you are lead to join our financial support team, click on the link below to donate, or Email me if you would like to discuss more fully how our support works.

This letter may answer some of your initial questions about what I do and how you can participate, but I welcome the opportunity to begin a conversation and share what God is doing through me. /404.271.5947

Click Here to support financially and begin a partnership online.
Please scroll down to my name under Staff Contributions

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